Sunday, May 29, 2011

LATEST INFO Perodua Alza Fuel Consumption/ ALZA FC

Hmm.... just to share here my experience with MyAlza.
Just got it on 27 April 2011. Before I shared my experience, just remember at this moment the Petrol RON95 that I've used is RM1.90/Liter and I only used SHELL and the speed is around 60 - 80 KM/h most of the time.

Before I decided to get an Alza, I'm quite skeptical about it's FC. My brother in Bangi used Exora Auto and my sister got herself Grand Livina 1.6 manual.
I have 5 children aged 9 to 1 year old.
I've found out that Exora Auto consumed around 23cents/KM in town driving (RM50 you got 220KM) and G. Livina 1.6 M consumed ~16cents/KM also in town driving (RM50 you got 315KM).
For me, exora is cheaper for installment  but monthly fuel budget will be higher and for GL although fuel budget is cheaper but monthly installment will be higher.

So I  decided to get Alza. Claimed by most of Alza owner that I've read in few forum to be the cheapest in term of price anf Fuel Consumption (FC).